Logging and parameter frameworks tutorial continued

A while ago we posted a tutorial on how to modify the firmware to add logging/parameters and to plot/modify them from the client. We have done a continuation on this tutorial to show how to modify the client to integrate logging and parameters directly into the UI (like we have done on the flight tab). […]

Brushless driver for the Crazyflie

A while ago I started working on a brushless motor control driver for the Crazyflie. I implemented most of it but did not really have time to test it. Recently we have gotten some request and questions about it so we took some time to do some further testing. Implementing a brushless motor control driver […]

Joining the business incubator Minc

A couple of weeks ago we moved into the Malmö based business incubator Minc. It’s a great chance to get some extra help developing Bitcraze and also to get a chance to meet people from other start-ups. Below is a picture of a bunch of Crazyflies in our lab (i.e the table designated lab). On a […]

Merry Christmas!

Before it’s time for the holidays we thought that we would do a new video with a Christmas theme, showing our vision of Christmas gift delivery. For anyone that has seen the Amazon Prime Air video, it’s pretty easy to see where we got the inspiration for our video. Needless to say we didn’t have […]

Community development

This Monday post we are devoting to the community development and we will try to give a short summary of what is going on there. We recently haven’t our selves had that much time to help out with this development, something we intend to change, so all credit goes to the community! A port of […]

Autopilot using Kinect and a PC

For the last couple of years (!) we have been discussing on and off about automatically flying the Crazyflie from a PC using OpenCV and a camera. We did a try a while ago using a PS3 Eye camera that wasn’t very successful. One of the issues we were having was detecting the distance from […]

Flying the Crazyflie with Leap Motion

The first time we saw the video for the Leap Motion we instantly thought “Wow, we have to fly the Crazyflie with this!”. So finally last week a fresh Leap Motion landed on our desk and we went to work. We were really happy to see that there was an SDK for Linux. Leap Motion […]

First FPV flight test

The community interest for FPV flight made us buy a light weight analog FPV kits a while a go. We bought the 5.8GHz micro combo set from fpvhobby to do a first test. It took a little while to solder things together but it wasn’t that bad. We soldered the camera and the transmitter power […]

Development support features

So finally it’s Monday again As you might have noticed the Crazyflie got released for pre-release last week! All our code has now been pushed onto Bitbucket and our repositories can be found here. Since we did some restructuring of the code before pushing there might be some bugs that we are currently hunting. The […]

Pre-order has started!

Wait, what? Is it Monday again already?! Well no, don’t worry you didn’t miss the weekend. The reason for breaking our “Monday post” tradition is that we couldn’t wait to announce that the pre-order has started for the Crazyflie!!     The last couple of weeks has been really busy finalizing as much as possible […]

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