Off to speak at Devoxx in Paris

This week we are heading off to Paris in France to present our project at Devoxx France. So if you are there and want to listen, then drop by the Ella Fitzgerald room at 10:40. The presentation will be in french and it will of course end with some demos We will also hang around […]

Joining the business incubator Minc

A couple of weeks ago we moved into the Malmö based business incubator Minc. It’s a great chance to get some extra help developing Bitcraze and also to get a chance to meet people from other start-ups. Below is a picture of a bunch of Crazyflies in our lab (i.e the table designated lab). On a […]

Visit to Embedded World and TUM university München.

Last week was a hectic but exiting week for me. First I visited Embedded World in Nürnberg and then made a visit to TUM university in München. I was actually visiting Embedded World because ST Microelectronics contacted us and wondered if we could do a Crazyflie version with the more powerful STM32F3 and use ST […]

Ongoing migration to GitHub

We have started the migration to GitHub, as usual with this kind of things it is not as obvious as we had thought at first. We decided to start with the most active repos which is currently the PC client. In the process it will be renamed crazyflie-clients-python to show that it contains the python […]

Migrate to GitHub?

As our source control system, we have been using Mercurial since a few years now and we like it. But lately we have been thinking about migrating our projects to GitHub, which would also mean a migration to git. One of the key reasons we are thinking about this is of course popularity, but also […]

Happy New Year!

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! A big thanks to our users and community for supporting us during the year. We are really looking forward to 2014, there’s going to be lot’s a exiting things happening! Don’t forget about the holiday contest where you can win Crazyflies! If you feel like joining in, […]


Last week was mostly spent preparing for, and travelling to Devoxx. It’s always great to get out a bit and meet other nerds, discuss technology and do some flying. Devoxx is a Java conference so we didn’t think that many people would be interested in hearing about quads and low-level embedded. But we were really […]

Updates to the website

As you can see the webpage looks a bit different this Monday. For a long time we have had the feeling that new users coming to our webpage don’t get an overview of what we do and what the Crazyflie is. So we decided to put in a front page that is intended to introduce […]

Presentations this fall

It’s always fun get a change to meet fellow geeks/makers so during this fall we will be holding two presentations, first in Denmark and then in Belgium. They will be held at CIID in Copenhagen in October and at Devoxx in Antwerp in November. If you are close by then make sure to come by […]

More clues

It’s been a week and so far no-one has decoded the complete message (at least not decoded it and followed the instructions…), Pär has made a great start with “first” but there is more to it ;-).  So as promised here’s more clues. The message is 320 bits long and the bits are organized so […]

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