Logging and parameter frameworks tutorial continued

A while ago we posted a tutorial on how to modify the firmware to add logging/parameters and to plot/modify them from the client. We have done a continuation on this tutorial to show how to modify the client to integrate logging and parameters directly into the UI (like we have done on the flight tab). […]

Brushless driver for the Crazyflie

A while ago I started working on a brushless motor control driver for the Crazyflie. I implemented most of it but did not really have time to test it. Recently we have gotten some request and questions about it so we took some time to do some further testing. Implementing a brushless motor control driver […]

Crazyflie with GPS, round 2

A couple of weeks ago we attached a uBlox MAX-7 GPS module to the Crazyflie (blog post). Back then it was mostly a proof of concept, all we did was to re-route the raw GPS data (in text NMEA format) directly to the PC using the Crazyflie text console port. This allowed us to quickly […]

Bitcraze VM 0.5 and Raspberry Pi image 0.3 released

We have released version 0.5 of the Bitcraze Virtual Machine and version 0.3 of the Raspberry Pi image. Here are some of the changes for Bitcraze VM 0.5: Upgraded all Ubuntu Packages Installed custom build of KDE Marble with Python bindings Installed PyQtGraph Installed Oracle Java JRE (needed for PyCharm) Installed PyCharm Community Edition 3.1 Installed KiCad […]

Officially moved to GitHub

Finally after some issues and lots of interruptions we made the move to GitHub. We will keep the BitBucket repos (but as read-only) since there’s lots of inbound links for code and issues. If you are interested in doing the same move here’s what we did. Create the reposiory on GitHub, then pull in Mercurial […]

Logging and parameter frameworks tutorial

To show the functionality in the logging and parameter frameworks we did a video. It shows how to use the Bitcraze virtual machine to add variables and parameters to the firmware and to flash it using the radio bootloader. It also shows how to visualize the log-data using the plotter and to modify parameters from the […]

Firmware/client release 2014.01

After a week of fixing things for the Crazyflie firmware/software RC (release candidate) we have now tagged and built the final release 2014.01 of the crazyflie PC client and firmware. Last week we listed the changes, but for the final version we also made improvements for the logging and communication. This mostly effects the connection and […]

New firmware/software release candidate

A while back we had a poll about when and how we should release new firmware and software. Since this we are aiming at at least doing a release every 7- 8 weeks of firmware/software that has been updated. So last week we branched and build release candidates of the firmware and the pc client. […]

Holiday contest results

We hope everyone had a great holiday! We are really happy that some of you decided to join our holiday challenge. After looking though all of the submissions we finally decided on a result. First of all there was the mechanical challenge of creating a hull or cover for the Crazyflie. When finding the winner […]

Trying out GPS with the Crazyflie

Before the holidays we said that we would be doing some testing with attaching a GPS receiver to the Crazyflie. For now it’s just a bit of a quick hack, but we are planning on doing more development. Here’s a quick summary of where we’re currently at (yes, that’s a bad joke..). We attached a […]

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