Brushless driver for the Crazyflie

A while ago I started working on a brushless motor control driver for the Crazyflie. I implemented most of it but did not really have time to test it. Recently we have gotten some request and questions about it so we took some time to do some further testing. Implementing a brushless motor control driver […]

Crazyflie with GPS, round 2

A couple of weeks ago we attached a uBlox MAX-7 GPS module to the Crazyflie (blog post). Back then it was mostly a proof of concept, all we did was to re-route the raw GPS data (in text NMEA format) directly to the PC using the Crazyflie text console port. This allowed us to quickly […]

Trying out GPS with the Crazyflie

Before the holidays we said that we would be doing some testing with attaching a GPS receiver to the Crazyflie. For now it’s just a bit of a quick hack, but we are planning on doing more development. Here’s a quick summary of where we’re currently at (yes, that’s a bad joke..). We attached a […]

Testing ST MEMS sensors

For a while Invensense’s gyros has been the MEMS sensors to use in multirotor ¬†applications due to their good performance and vibration rejection. ST Microelectronics are also big when it comes to MEMS sensors but their gyros has not been that good when it comes to handle vibrations. In the beginning if 2013 they released […]

Community development

This Monday post we are devoting to the community development and we will try to give a short summary of what is going on there. We recently haven’t our selves had that much time to help out with this development, something we intend to change, so all credit goes to the community! A port of […]

Crazyflie KiCad project released

We finally got the time to clean-up the Crazyflie kicad project enough to make it publicly available.¬† It is not in a perfect shape but should be good enough to use and learn from. It’s a 4 layer board with signal layers on bottom and top and power planes in the middle. We have also […]

Bitcraze VM 0.3

There’s an updated version of the Bitcraze virtual machine out. The VM has all the pre-requisites for using the Crazyflie/Crazyradio and also the full development environment for our projects. Here’s a list of the improvements from version 0.2: Upgraded version to of Xubuntu to 13.04 Improved README and instructions inside VM Updated to the latest […]

Crazyflies all over the world

It’s been an incredible week seeing people from all over the world getting their Crazyflies into the air!! We have seen videos of people doing crazy stuff we never thought of, 3D models of cases and frames on Thingiverse and of course a lot of images of people unpacking and assembling their Crazyflies. The wiki […]

First FPV flight test

The community interest for FPV flight made us buy a light weight analog FPV kits a while a go. We bought the 5.8GHz micro combo set from fpvhobby to do a first test. It took a little while to solder things together but it wasn’t that bad. We soldered the camera and the transmitter power […]

One week of flying

After one week of flying the new copters we have to say that they are preforming very well. We’ve done a lot of crashes but only had one incident with a bent axis on one of the motors which we fixed by replacing the motor. We have noticed that using some radio channels in combination […]

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